Why Performance Improvement Doesn’t Always Improve Performance

Providers are facing increased pressure from patients and payors to demonstrate greater value by improving care quality and costs. To meet these expectations, physician groups and ambulatory care networks have sought and deployed an array of strategies and tools to improve performance. And yet, while many providers have begun this journey, few have realized the desired results.

Despite the best of intentions, why have so many organizations been unable to achieve their improvement goals? Continue reading

Metric-Driven Optimization: Don’t Waste Your EHR’s Potential

Your organization has invested in a high-priced EHR system.  Now, what exactly is your investment doing for you?  In the current healthcare climate, organizations cannot afford to spend time, effort, or money on programs or systems that do not provide a competitive advantage or improve performance.  While transitioning to an EHR satisfies regulatory and legislative mandates, organizations of all sizes also have a tremendous opportunity to maximize their IT investments and improve provider performance through metric-driven optimization. Continue reading

The Writing Is on the Wall: Scribes Are in High Demand

Have you heard? Many healthcare providers are less than pleased with their electronic health records (EHRs). While EHRs pack the potential to promote efficiency, productivity, and care quality, these highly touted benefits have been largely elusive. Instead of gaining efficiency and productivity, many providers find themselves trapped by the tedious tasks of EHR documentation. Yet, with momentum only building behind the paperless push, providers must find solutions to the documentation challenges they face. One potential solution that’s worth considering is the use of medical scribes. Continue reading