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Last year ECG launched a new website that dramatically improved the presentation and delivery of our thought leadership, including our blog posts. Although we’ve continued to maintain this stand-alone version of our blog, we will no longer be updating this page with new content.

But don’t fret – you can find all of this material, along with a new blog post every week, in the Thought Leadership section of our website.

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The Scenic Route: One Consultant’s Journey Through Healthcare

Many roads lead to the consulting profession. For established professionals, the field represents an opportunity to share the expertise they’ve gained over the course of a career. For others, consulting is the first stop after graduate school.

But few consultants take as circuitous a route as the one that Mark Maydew followed. “It’s a little goofy,” the New Mexico native says of the series of circumstances that led him to a career in consulting. Except it doesn’t sound that goofy when he describes it. Atypical, maybe. But Mark’s journey through healthcare has been driven by his desire to help people, leading him from night-shift ER tech to clinic manager and ultimately to a position from which he can effect large-scale change in the industry. Continue reading

A Career at ECG

Healthcare is an industry unlike any other. It’s complex, challenging, and constantly in flux – and it touches everyone. Are you ready and willing to tackle the challenges confronting today’s healthcare providers and executives?

ECG’s consultants are passionate about healthcare. We are committed to service to others. If you share our passion and dedication, as a consulting professional at ECG you’ll have the opportunity to directly affect the delivery of healthcare services at major hospitals and health systems across the country. Our consultants work closely with and advise senior leaders of provider organizations, helping them make the decisions that will allow their organizations thrive in a rapidly evolving industry.

We’re always looking to add talented professionals to our team. Watch this video to hear our consultants share what it means to have a rewarding career at ECG.

Is your organization at risk of going from a profit to a loss when Health Exchanges are introduced?

I recently analyzed client data to evaluate the potential impact of health exchanges entering a market. Although I expected a moderate impact, I was surprised at how much a hospital could be affected by poor health exchange contracts.

As shown in the table below, the introduction of health exchanges to an example hospital’s market is expected to significantly reduce the number of patients covered under commercial insurance. In addition, the number of Medicaid beneficiaries will go up, and the number of self-pay patients will go down. Ultimately, this hospital will shift from a profit of $2.1 million to a loss of approximately $1.2, a change of $3.3 million. Analyzing the potential financial impact for your organization within a likely range of both reimbursement rates and payor mix shift will be a key component of your strategic planning for health exchanges.


Be aware of the potential utilization and cost-of-care risks of health exchange-covered patients. You will need to determine if the care for any given patient population is manageable based upon likely rates of reimbursement. Preparing for health exchanges will require significant due diligence to analyze the potential impact and develop a proactive negotiation approach to secure network agreements that place your organization in a positive financial position.

Read more about how health exchanges might have an effect on your bottom line. What are some of your concerns about health exchanges?