Pursuing Success in a Value-Based World

The Affordable Care Act has fended off multiple legal challenges. CMS has already implemented one mandatory bundled payment initiative and is eyeing more. MACRA looms on the horizon.

It’s an understatement to say the healthcare industry is in a period of dramatic change, and the continuing shift to value-based care will require radical thinking on the part of health system executives. But for those leaders willing to embrace change, the evolving landscape offers tremendous opportunity to remake their organizations and achieve new levels of success.

In this brief video, ECG Principal Jim Lord talks about the transition to value-based care and how forward-thinking health organizations can position themselves to thrive.

ECG’s Mission

ECG’s mission is to lead healthcare forward. 2016 will be another year of growth and change across the healthcare industry, and many of our clients are facing questions and decisions that will have profound effects for the future of their organizations.

As this new year begins, we remain as committed as ever to collaborating with our clients to ensure they are positioned for success. We are privileged to count so many incredible organizations as our partners, and our long-standing relationships enable us to offer valuable, meaningful advice that is truly tailored to our clients’ unique needs. Watch this video to hear more about the dedication and the long-term perspective that we bring to our clients’ most pressing challenges.

MACRA Draft Plan Is Short on Details

On December 18, 2015, CMS released its draft plan for developing the quality measures that will be used within both the MIPS and APM components of MACRA. The purpose of this draft plan and the mandate for the Secretary of HHS, at least theoretically, is to:

  • Address how measures used by private payors and integrated delivery systems could be incorporated into Title XVIII (i.e., Medicare).
  • Describe how coordination across organizations developing such measures might occur.
  • Take into account how clinical best practices and clinical practice guidelines should be used in the development of quality measures.

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Coordinating Care in the Medical Neighborhood

Few would dispute the benefits of increased coordination throughout the care continuum. But actually improving care coordination is difficult to accomplish. It requires changing organizational cultures, modifying patient and provider behaviors, and aligning care models with financial incentives.

In our continuing conversation with Emma Mandell Gray about the medical neighborhood, we look at what it means to be a coordinated health organization, some of the roadblocks that exist, and a few success stories from organizations that are embracing population health management through these models. Continue reading

Positioning for Success in a Value-Based World

As the healthcare industry moves away from traditional, volume-based care models and toward value-based care delivery, provider organizations are struggling to remain competitive. Despite the uncertainty, providers have a tremendous opportunity to thrive in this new world while offering the highest-quality patient care possible.

Positioning for success in a value-based world is what ECG does. We partner with providers to create innovative but pragmatic solutions that are changing the way care is delivered. In this brief video, our consulting professionals talk about what it means to move healthcare forward.