Think Small: Mining Little Data

Big data is the latest buzzword to get tossed around healthcare. And for good reason: the possibilities that come from harnessing its power to improve organizational performance have seduced many of the nation’s healthcare executives.

Yet, while health systems are pouring time, money, and massive effort into crunching big data into useful insights, they are neglecting the more readily accessible and actionable little data filtering through their practices.

This is a mistake. Continue reading

Why Performance Improvement Doesn’t Always Improve Performance

Providers are facing increased pressure from patients and payors to demonstrate greater value by improving care quality and costs. To meet these expectations, physician groups and ambulatory care networks have sought and deployed an array of strategies and tools to improve performance. And yet, while many providers have begun this journey, few have realized the desired results.

Despite the best of intentions, why have so many organizations been unable to achieve their improvement goals? Continue reading