About Steve Messinger

Steve, who is Managing Partner of ECG, has extensive experience in strategic and business planning, business development, mergers and acquisitions, and managed care. He assists health systems, academic medical centers, and medical groups with developing and implementing strategies that drive competitive advantage, and he is an effective adviser to boards and executives who are managing the challenges and implications of transformational change. Steve has been a featured speaker on healthcare strategy and hospital/physician relationship issues for a variety of professional associations, trade groups, health systems, and physician groups. He has been published in several healthcare journals, including Modern Healthcare, Modern Physician, hfm (a publication of the Healthcare Financial Management Association), Group Practice Journal, and Health Care Strategic Management. He earned a master of health services administration degree from The George Washington University and a bachelor of science degree in clinical sciences from Cornell University.

In Healthcare, Data Drives Value

Much has been written and discussed about preparing and positioning for value-based care, with efforts under way across the health system to reduce costs, expand access to care, and improve outcomes. However, attempting to meet these demands without the requisite information, analytical competencies, and a clearly defined strategy for doing so will bury an organization. Health systems cannot and should not underestimate how data, and the insight it provides, is vital to an organization’s readiness for value. I recently shared some thoughts on this topic with Alison Lake Benadada of The Washington Post for her article How Data Can Inform Value-Based Healthcare. Continue reading

Value-Based Enterprise Conversation Series – Integrated

The transformation to value-based care requires an organization to shift its focus from traditional care delivery – characterized by silos of hospital departments, autonomous physician services, and other pre- and post-acute components – to care management and coordination across all of these disparate services.

As part of our ongoing series of conversations about the value-based enterprise, Steve Messinger, President of ECG, shares his thoughts on what it means to be an integrated organization in the era of reform. Continue reading

What’s Trending? Observing the Impact of Healthcare Reform

Healthcare reform and evolving reimbursement models are transforming the way care is and will be delivered and paid for. This has incited myriad responses by hospitals and physician groups, as well as other stakeholder groups, across the country. By working with healthcare systems and providers throughout the United States, ECG has an all-access view of how reform and the transition to value-based care are playing out in different regions. Here are some prominent trends we are observing. Continue reading

The Value-Based Enterprise

As healthcare transitions from a fee-for-service model to one that rewards quality, efficiency, and lower costs, organizations need to position themselves to thrive in a value-based environment. ECG Management Consultants, Inc. has created the framework for the successful Value-Based Enterprise:

To learn more about becoming a successful Value-Based Enterprise and how ECG can help, contact us at (800) 729-7635 or ecg@ecgmc.com.

Gain Industry Insights and Perspectives in One Comprehensive Resource

We are pleased to present our 2014 Thought Leadership Compendium. In its seventh year of publication, our compendium provides a comprehensive summary of industry knowledge written or presented by ECG consultants throughout 2013. What we spoke or wrote about reflects the focus of numerous client engagements and the critical issues you face daily, Continue reading