About Scott Burns

Scott joined ECG in 2008 with more than 25 years of healthcare experience in mergers and acquisitions and business, strategic, and facility planning. He has been involved in numerous large- and small-scale projects, leading engagements for a range of clients, including federal and state health agencies, academic medical centers, urban tertiary hospitals, community providers, regional health plans, and physician group practices. Over the years, his work has resulted in tactics to enhance growth and performance, reduce costs, and improve patient populations’ access to needed healthcare services. Prior to joining ECG, Scott was a Director in the Health Industries Advisory practice of a Big 4 consulting firm and was a Director for Tenet Healthcare Corporation’s predecessor company, where he was responsible for overseeing acquisition and development activities, as well as leading planning and financial analyses in support of transactions and capital investments. He is a frequent speaker and author of healthcare industry white papers and publications on a variety of topics. Scott has a bachelor of arts degree from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, with a concentration in public administration and an emphasis on health services administration.

Affiliation: Too Early Is Better Than Too Late

Against the backdrop of an ever-evolving and consolidating healthcare environment, the decision to preserve independence or pursue strategic alliances is taking center stage for a variety of hospitals and physician groups.  Autonomy remains closely guarded, worn as a badge of honor by numerous hospitals and providers.  Yet while some organizations possess the infrastructure, resources, and market conditions to remain independent, others are finding autonomy increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to sustain.  The question being asked by these organizations is:  How long can we maintain our independence? Continue reading