About Sarah Wirth

Sarah has experience in optimizing large physician group practice operations, as well as improving financial performance through physician- and hospital-based revenue cycles. At ECG, Sarah has primarily focused on planning, implementing, and optimizing centralized patient contact centers. Most recently, she has provided contact center support in a full-time capacity for a 1,300-provider medical group. Prior to joining ECG, she worked in the healthcare practice at a management consulting firm, where she optimized all areas of hospital and professional fee revenue cycles. Sarah held roles related to implementing a comprehensive denials management solution for a multistate hospital system with $2 billion in net annual revenues, and she provided system conversion support and oversight for a hospital with $300 million in net annual revenues, which successfully liquidated 90% of legacy-system accounts receivable in 90 days.

How Self-Pay Balances Are Threatening Your Revenue Stream

Healthcare organizations are seeing their margins shrink; and when margins are tight, a high-performing revenue cycle becomes evermore vital. After all, failing to collect the dollars associated with performed services can quickly turn a profitable organization into a floundering one. When it comes to collecting these dollars, self-pay balances are becoming an increasingly important variable that must be factored into revenue cycle equations. Continue reading