About Scott Mason

Scott is a recognized thought leader in healthcare strategy. A trusted adviser to executive teams and boards of emerging health systems, he has established himself as one of the industry’s prominent voices in dealing with health reform. Scott’s ability to understand key trends and their implications has allowed him to lead enterprise strategic planning efforts for a variety of health organizations and systems. His bias for action has translated into repeat client work with more than 400 organizations in 40 states. The focus of Scott’s strategy engagements has evolved over the years from aggregating regional hospital systems (more than $20 billion in hospital mergers and 35 health systems formed) to post-merger integration following these initial mergers. Scott was an early pioneer advocating for clinical service line planning and development, including physician integration strategies. Recently, his focus has shifted toward enterprise strategic planning and improving the patient experience through community-based ambulatory care and related retail strategies.

When Data Becomes Strategic

We have been told that data leads to information, and information leads to knowledge. It is this knowledge, then, that drives innovation – the engine powering transformation in healthcare. While the luster of innovation is what grabs our attention, data and analytics are what make it possible in the first place. Continue reading