About Rand Haley

Rand has devoted his career to helping academic, research, and healthcare organizations strengthen their research enterprises. For more than 15 years, Rand has worked with universities and academic medical centers to address complex opportunities and challenges in their research enterprises and at the interfaces between their research, education, and clinical missions. Leadership and faculty rely on his expertise and understanding of academic organizations and cultures when they are looking to assess their competitive positions, enhance organizational and financial strategies, develop innovative research and academic programs, and craft strategic partnerships. As a leader at several national consulting firms, Rand has worked closely with more than 40 academic, research, and healthcare organizations to make significant improvements in areas such as research enterprise strategy, organizational design, and business models. He strives to advance his clients’ pursuit of research excellence while recognizing the importance of focusing on strategic investment of limited resources. Rand has collaborated with leadership and faculty to help clients design and launch new research organizations, create improved research facility strategies, and design plans targeting unique organizational opportunities and challenges.

Enhancing Academic Medical Center Research: Affiliations With Independent Research Institutes

AMCs are increasingly looking to do more with less related to their research enterprises.  Competition continues to grow for securing external research funding, recruiting and retaining talented faculty and other researchers, and keeping up with the expensive research infrastructure necessary to conduct cutting-edge science.
Traditional internal sources of support, most notably from clinical activities, are coming under significant pressure and uncertain futures as the healthcare environment shifts toward integration and value. Continue reading