About Purvi Bhatt

Purvi joined ECG in 2005 and works in the firm’s Contracting and Reimbursement practice. She assists physicians and hospital enterprises in developing and executing strategic and tactical managed care contracting plans that result in significant revenue enhancements. She also works with providers and health systems as they transition from volume- to value-based delivery systems, analyzing quality and financial data; facilitating stakeholder discussions regarding a culture of collaboration, creativity, and accountability; and developing accountable care organization/delivery-based strategies. Prior to ECG, Purvi worked in the Program Evaluation and Quality Improvement Department at MedStar Health, a nine-hospital health system, where she identified opportunities for clinical process improvement and effective resource management for Washington Hospital Center and National Rehabilitation Hospital. She has master’s degrees in business administration and health services administration from the University of Houston and a bachelor of arts degree in psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.

Payor Contract Negotiations: What Went Wrong?

After several long months, the contracting team at Community Hospital completed negotiations with its largest commercial payor and came out of the discussions feeling optimistic about the rate increases obtained.  Not only did they anticipate significant revenue increases but they also felt satisfied in being able to use this opportunity to transition from a percent-of-charge to Medicare base rate methodology – affirming their commitment to gradually evolving to value-based payments.  An excellent steward in its community, Community Hospital also took pride in avoiding the runaway charge increases prevalent in the market.  Things were looking up…until the payments came in.  Continue reading