About Nate McCarthy

Nathan’s vision of the power and potential of a truly connected health network distinguishes his work and his role as a leader of IT engagements and teams. He brings deep knowledge of population health management, telehealth/mobile health, and integrated care delivery, and he is committed to being a catalyst to promote change that enhances patient care and safety through strong linkages between IT and quality. He has led cross-functional teams for improvement projects where the outcomes are measured in saved lives through actions such as reducing adverse drug events and wrong-site surgeries. Nathan approaches each client engagement with a fresh perspective, assessing cultural, clinical, technical, and financial barriers and then crafting unique solutions to IT strategies and department redesign. As an interim manager, he has transformed disparate groups into highly productive and collaborative teams, and as a certified Lean/Six Sigma Yellow Belt, he has trained and served as a Black Belt Champion. He frequently draws upon his background in process improvement and Lean/Six Sigma to solidify the relationship between technology solutions and quality outcomes. In addition, Nathan has extensive experience managing NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, LLC, and eClinicalWorks (eCW) implementations and managing, optimizing, and converting clients to other EHRs. He has a master of health administration degree and a bachelor of science degree in health information management, both from Saint Louis University.

Device Integration – What to Do With All That Data?

Imagine trying to get ready for work every morning without having your wardrobe stored in one spot:  your pants are hanging in your bedroom closet, your shirts are in your son’s room, your socks are in the kitchen, and your shoes are in the car. You might get accustomed to this daily scavenger hunt, but it’s not exactly the most efficient way to get dressed.

And yet many healthcare providers face a similar situation with their patients’ clinical data. Continue reading

Smooth Transitions: Integrating Into a Multispecialty EHR

Specialists who have worked with electronic health records (EHRs) are well aware that most EHRs are designed with PCPs in mind, with minimal regard for the intricacies of subspecialty work flows.  As more and more specialists align with hospitals and health systems, integrating with multispecialty EHR systems and leveraging this technology to improve care quality and performance is critical.  Whether you’re already part of a multispecialty group, considering joining one, or evaluating a new EHR solution, you need to make sure the EHR meets your needs. Continue reading