About Mark Maydew

Mark has worked in the healthcare industry for nearly 10 years, serving in clinical, practice management, and consulting roles. This varied experience makes him an effective critical thinker who is willing and able to address challenges within an organization. His clinical knowledge, management experience, and business education allow him to view issues from multiple perspectives, identify the root of a problem, and develop solutions. At ECG, Mark supports clients during work flow development and optimization, EHR implementation, and provider adoption. Prior to joining ECG, Mark served as Clinical Manager and Lead Paramedic at MD Urgent Care in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There he oversaw clinic operations; was responsible for inventory management, regulatory compliance, and staff and provider training; and served as project manager during the opening of a second clinic. Mark designed and implemented staffing and operating protocols and procedures to streamline clinic work flows, decrease throughput, lower costs, and enhance patient experiences and outcomes. Mark brings the lessons he has learned through his work with healthcare providers to every project; his insights translate to the increased adoption of organizational change, with the end goal being to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Collaboration is Critical in Care Model Transformation

Organizations that want to transform the way they deliver care must have their physicians engaged in the effort – from the planning stages through implementation and beyond. Physicians are among the most influential stakeholders in a healthcare organization, and without their buy-in, organizations will struggle to meet the requirements of any new care model.

In a previous blog post, we watched an integrated health system pilot a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model to great success, only to lose momentum when the model was scaled up across the broader system. Because physicians weren’t engaged in the process, the system failed to achieve true transformation.

In today’s blog post, we’ll see what happens when physicians are empowered to drive care model transformation. Continue reading

Transforming Your Care Model? Don’t Forget the Physicians

Whether prompted by government mandate, regional competition, or patient demands, healthcare organizations are adopting new care models designed to foster value-based care. Patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs), accountable care organizations (ACOs), and a host of other options offer organizations a structured approach to improving patient outcomes while lowering the cost of care. Continue reading