About Ken Roorda

Ken leads ECG's Children's Hospitals practice. Having worked in healthcare planning and operations since 1991, he has significant experience working for children's hospitals, AMCs, pediatric programs, practice plans, and other pediatric physician organizations. His work spans strategic and business planning, development of affiliations and other physi-cian/hospital relationships, and topics related to physician group practice formation and op-erations improvement. Before joining ECG in 2000, Ken was responsible for directing the operations of a hospital-owned, 32-site clinic network. He holds a master of business ad-ministration degree and a master of science degree from The University of Arizona.

Time to Revisit – and Reboot – Your Affiliation Agreement

Children’s hospitals and academic institutions have traditionally enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship. For hospitals, prestigious affiliations result in an enhanced reputation and the chance to attract top physician talent. Medical schools, conversely, gain access to a specialty hospital for teaching, clinical training, and research.

This arrangement has been such a natural fit for so long that the agreements governing such relationships often go unexamined. “If it isn’t broken”…right? A partnership between a children’s hospital and medical school might not be broken, but in an industry marked by constant change, long-standing agreements may now be outdated and irrelevant. Continue reading

Collaboration in Pediatric Healthcare: Aligning Children’s Hospitals and Physicians

Healthcare reform has triggered waves of change across the U.S. healthcare market, forcing systems and providers to reevaluate how, when, where, and whom they partner with to deliver care. Responding to these changes is particularly challenging for children’s hospitals and pediatric physicians.

Given their unique position in the healthcare system and lingering uncertainties about the impact of healthcare reform, successful pediatric organizations are taking steps to align with strategic partners to ensure that their mission of serving the nation’s child and adolescent population is sustained.

This post is the first in a four-part series that explores ways in which children’s hospitals are forming collaborative partnerships with physicians, health systems, academic affiliates, and research partners to thrive in a value-based healthcare environment. We begin by looking at strategic alignment between children’s hospitals and physicians. Continue reading