About Joshua Halverson

Josh is a trusted partner and adviser to the leadership of hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers, and physician groups. With more than 15 years of experience in healthcare strategic and business planning, hospital operations, and physician organization development, Josh understands the challenges that providers face in a volatile and ever-evolving healthcare marketplace. His expertise in strategic/business planning and market assessment helps his clients make informed decisions that position their organizations for long-term success. Under Josh’s guidance, provider organizations have created and implemented innovative physician and ambulatory strategies, and he has helped hospitals and physicians develop mutually beneficial economic arrangements. He has also worked closely with health system leadership to facilitate practice acquisition and improve hospital/physician alignment and integration. Josh has specific expertise in physician organization development, compensation planning and incentive design, and service line/physician organization management, which has allowed him to improve organizational performance, facilitate growth, and optimize service line and physician group functioning.

Three Steps for Keeping Physician Compensation Affordable

As physician compensation and reimbursement rates continue trending in opposite directions, many health systems are discovering that they’re spending more on their employed physician practices than they can afford. Health system leaders are seeking ways to correlate compensation with market factors and the financial realities of a practice. However, most compensation plans are based on external market data, which often results in remuneration that has no relation to the financial position of a given organization. Continue reading