About John Budd

John has extensive experience working in hospital-based physician practice management and project management. His ability to discover value in a wide range of service areas, ranging from revenue cycle to clinical operations, through qualitative and quantitative analysis helps clients save money and streamline operations. Prior to joining ECG, John worked in hospital-based physician practice management with a broad range of experience in emergency medicine and revenue cycle operations at a three-facility health system in Virginia. He possesses a bachelor of arts degree in English and a master of business administration degree with an independent research focus in management science and applied analytics in healthcare, both from the University of Mary Washington.

Shaping Emergency Department Utilization Through Predictive Analytics

In the United States, one percent of healthcare users account for 21.4 percent of total U.S. healthcare spending. “Frequent flyers” to emergency departments (EDs) heap a considerable cost burden onto the system, especially considering that reducing unnecessary ED visits could save an estimated $38 billion.

Despite the huge expense of unnecessary emergency department utilization, there is a silver lining – these encounters produce valuable data that can ultimately be used to curb healthcare costs. Continue reading