About Evan Lynch-Throne

Based in ECG’s Boston office, Evan is a member of the firm’s Academic Healthcare practice. Working in the healthcare industry for 10 years, he focuses on assisting AMCs, children’s hospitals, and community health systems with strategy and business planning initiatives. His primary areas of expertise include physician/hospital integration and mergers and acquisitions. Evan has firsthand experience helping health systems prepare for healthcare reform and transitioning institutional leadership into thinking strategically about growth. He has recently assisted clients with negotiating and developing multispecialty Professional Service Agreements (PSAs), designing and implementing comprehensive physician compensation plans, and developing integrated physician organizations. Prior to joining ECG, Evan was the Director of Business Development for Steward Health Care System, where he played a leading role on many hospital, surgery center, and multispecialty physician practice acquisitions.

Rethinking Deficit Funding in AMCs

It is an uncomfortable ritual that occurs in nearly every academic medical center (AMC): specialties unable to meet their department profitability targets find themselves hat in hand, requesting funding to cover budgetary shortfalls. The AMC, committed to providing comprehensive services, is then put in the position of having to find some way to oblige.

This is a tiresome exercise for all parties, and these negotiations often render the relationship between AMCs and faculty group practices (FGPs) as purely transactional, inhibiting a more integrated approach. Continue reading