About Christopher Collins

Chris leads ECG’s Academic Healthcare practice and heads the firm’s Boston office. He works with executive leadership and boards of AMCs, health systems, children’s hospitals, and related academic and community physician organizations. Chris and his team primarily focus on the organizational design and performance of an AMC’s clinical enterprise (adult and children’s teaching hospitals, faculty group practice, and affiliated community providers). He is credited with introducing a series of innovative approaches to the market that enable the component entities of an AMC to become more functionally integrated through the redesign of corporate, governance, management, and/or financial structures. He has a proven track record for leading large-scale, multiparty initiatives in politically charged environments that result in a more informed and responsive AMC that is better positioned to excel in today’s marketplace. He advises many of the highest-ranking academic health systems and children’s hospitals in the United States.

Placing a Premium on AMC Performance

This blog post was written by Christopher Collins, Principal, and Dan Harrison, Senior Manager.

The clinical enterprise is the economic engine of an academic medical center (AMC). By clinical enterprise, we are specifically referring to the academic health system (AHS), which is the combined assets of the teaching hospital, the clinical faculty, and the affiliated or owned nonacademic (or “community”) physicians.

AMCs are built around the tripartite mission of delivering exceptional clinical care, advancing research, and educating the next generation of providers and researchers. Yet, research and teaching programs within AMCs are increasingly unable to sustain themselves through their traditional revenue streams. As a result, an alternative means of investment is required to sustain and grow these critically important programs, and the only remaining means of generating a predictable and healthy margin is through the performance of the AMC’s clinical assets.  This critical source of funding may be at risk, though, for organizations that are not strategically and organizationally well positioned. Continue reading