Our Blog Has Moved

Dear readers,

Last year ECG launched a new website that dramatically improved the presentation and delivery of our thought leadership, including our blog posts. Although we’ve continued to maintain this stand-alone version of our blog, we will no longer be updating this page with new content.

But don’t fret – you can find all of this material, along with a new blog post every week, in the Thought Leadership section of our website.

Thanks so much for reading, and we’ll see you over at our new address!

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About ECG Management Consultants

ECG is a strategic consulting firm that is leading healthcare forward, using the knowledge and expertise built over the course of four decades to help clients see clearly where healthcare is going and to navigate toward success. We work as trusted, professional partners with hospitals, health systems, medical groups, and academic medical centers across the country. We thrive on delivering smart counsel and pragmatic solutions to the critical challenges that will revolutionize the healthcare system. Client success is our primary objective.

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