Welcome to ECG’s Healthcare Blog

ECG believes that serving our clients means serving you in a timely and relevant manner – we aim to provide access to information and up-to-date advice regarding the impact of changes in healthcare.  In addition to the thought leadership materials, Webinars, and speeches that we will continue to create, today we are introducing a medium that will allow you direct engagement with our professionals.

Topics will cover a broad range of strategic, financial, operational, and technology-related content, concentrating on the healthcare provider.  As a leader in the healthcare industry, ECG provides specialized expertise in developing and implementing innovative and customized solutions that effectively address strategic and business planning, specialty program development, hospital/physician relationships, information technology, and the complexities of the academic healthcare enterprise.

As we begin to introduce you to our blog, we will balance current topics such as federal budget trends, policy, and legislation with targeted content spanning our traditional breadth of services.  In addition to these subjects, we want to focus on a set of core capabilities that we believe are critical to all healthcare providers.  These competencies, shown below, are required attributes of high-performing health systems and comprise a fail-safe set of initiatives.

We will provide focused content on each of these capabilities over the next few months, along with other topics.

We welcome your feedback, comments, and questions.  Part of the value in a blog is improving access to our experts to better meet your needs.  We hope you will take advantage of that feature by asking questions and contributing comments of your own.  ECG will monitor comments and respond in the most appropriate manner, which may be a combination of additional content on our blog and follow-up telephone calls and e-mails.

We look forward to continuing to expand our relationship with you and improve the impact of our expertise.

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