MACRA Proposed Rules Provide Some Clarity, But Questions Remain

Last week CMS released its much-anticipated proposed rules for the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), which was passed by Congress approximately 1 year ago and introduced substantive changes in the way Medicare will reimburse physician services. Readers of previous ECG blog posts and articles may recall that, like the ACA before it, this legislation grants the HHS Secretary great latitude in fleshing out the details through rulemaking. While these are only proposed rules, and CMS is using this as an opportunity to solicit commentary from the public, they do shed light on what we can expect when the rules are finalized in November. Continue reading

Apple Targets Clinical Research With Second Foray Into Healthcare

This blog post was written by Jenni Bendfeldt, Manager, and Dan Harrison, Senior Manager.

Apple has a way of introducing products that transform entire industries and make consumers wonder how they ever got by beforehand (when’s the last time you carried around a bunch of CDs?). So when the largest tech company in the world announced in 2014 that it was getting into healthcare, industry professionals wondered whether Apple’s HealthKit was capable of achieving iPhone-like appeal and utility in a notoriously complicated field. Continue reading

Placing a Premium on AMC Performance

This blog post was written by Christopher Collins, Principal, and Dan Harrison, Senior Manager.

The clinical enterprise is the economic engine of an academic medical center (AMC). By clinical enterprise, we are specifically referring to the academic health system (AHS), which is the combined assets of the teaching hospital, the clinical faculty, and the affiliated or owned nonacademic (or “community”) physicians.

AMCs are built around the tripartite mission of delivering exceptional clinical care, advancing research, and educating the next generation of providers and researchers. Yet, research and teaching programs within AMCs are increasingly unable to sustain themselves through their traditional revenue streams. As a result, an alternative means of investment is required to sustain and grow these critically important programs, and the only remaining means of generating a predictable and healthy margin is through the performance of the AMC’s clinical assets.  This critical source of funding may be at risk, though, for organizations that are not strategically and organizationally well positioned. Continue reading

Newly Proposed Bill to Delay CJR Is Predictable and Pedestrian

While some of us were disappointed to see the sleepy bill that proposes to further delay the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) bundled payment initiative, let’s be real: given how long it took us to rip off the Band-Aid with SGR, it was predictable. Continue reading

Will Patience Pay Off? A Time Frame for ROI in PCMHs

Real estate is traditionally considered a wise investment. But most people don’t buy a home and expect to profit by selling it just a few months later. Likewise, few new businesses yield financial windfalls overnight. Successful ventures require planning, capital, and the ability to overcome setbacks in order to evolve and ultimately flourish.

But what nearly all investments need is time. Time to grow, time to accrue value. Time to become everything their owners envision. Continue reading