Rethinking the Role of ACPs in Cardiology

Is the right person performing the right tasks at the right time in your cardiology practice?  Advanced care practitioners (ACPs), such as physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs), have long supported the delivery of cardiac care.  In many physician practices and hospitals, however, ACPs are simply not being leveraged as effectively as they could be.  Instead, lingering assumptions about the role of ACPs and long-held practice models are restricting their true capacity to improve productivity and enhance patient access.  The use of PAs and NPs is not new or novel, yet ACPs continue to be untapped resources for improving the delivery of cardiac care. Continue reading

Putting Advanced Care Providers in Charge of Your PCMH: An Effective Approach?

A recent article published by EHR Intelligence explored the benefits, challenges, and strategies of non-physician-led patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs).  Instead of the traditional approach of having a physician at the core of the PCMH care team, this emerging model recognizes the value and abilities of advanced care providers (ACPs) – namely, NPs and PAs – and puts them in a position to effectively lead the care team and operate the PCMH model. Continue reading

Smooth Transitions: Integrating Into a Multispecialty EHR

Specialists who have worked with electronic health records (EHRs) are well aware that most EHRs are designed with PCPs in mind, with minimal regard for the intricacies of subspecialty work flows.  As more and more specialists align with hospitals and health systems, integrating with multispecialty EHR systems and leveraging this technology to improve care quality and performance is critical.  Whether you’re already part of a multispecialty group, considering joining one, or evaluating a new EHR solution, you need to make sure the EHR meets your needs. Continue reading

Shaping Emergency Department Utilization Through Predictive Analytics

In the United States, one percent of healthcare users account for 21.4 percent of total U.S. healthcare spending. “Frequent flyers” to emergency departments (EDs) heap a considerable cost burden onto the system, especially considering that reducing unnecessary ED visits could save an estimated $38 billion.

Despite the huge expense of unnecessary emergency department utilization, there is a silver lining – these encounters produce valuable data that can ultimately be used to curb healthcare costs. Continue reading

Becoming a High-Performing Physician Enterprise

Most physician groups are struggling to keep pace with the evolving healthcare environment. Increasing demands and tightened resources are forcing physicians and ambulatory networks to rethink how they manage the health of their patient populations. High-performing organizations have a critical understanding of the strategic, operational, financial, and technological challenges they face and, more importantly, have a plan for overcoming these challenges. Watch the video below to learn more about what it takes to transform your practice into a thriving physician enterprise. Continue reading